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Mission Is At The Centre Of Prayer

Read John 15:1-17 So far, as we have looked at prayer, I have focused mainly on what Jesus taught about prayer. There is plenty of other biblical examples and biblical teaching but I have chosen to turn to Jesus. So … Continue reading

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17.2.13 – Prayer: Where? Why? How? – Peter Cheyne

Reading: Matthew 6:5-15 There is not a lot of teaching about prayer in the Old Testament – not from Moses, not from the prophets. There are many examples of prayer in the Old Testament but the real teacher on prayer … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion Psalm

In the last few evening services we have thought about how Jesus turns up in the Old Testament. In other words, the scriptures written hundreds and thousands of years before Jesus nevertheless are about Jesus. There are all sorts of … Continue reading

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Prayer: Just A.S.K.

Thank you for the feedback last week. I asked you to complete the sentence “When it comes to prayer I…” Some of you wrote about your love of prayer or your belief in prayer. I am really grateful that there … Continue reading

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