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24.3.13 – A House Of Prayer – Peter Cheyne

Palm Sunday recalls Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem one week ahead of Easter, knowing full well that He was riding to His death, despite the fact that the crowds turned out and welcomed Him as a king. Is there a connection … Continue reading

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17.3.13 – Praying For You In The Midst Of My Own Needs – Peter Cheyne

Read John 17:1-19 I want to continue looking at prayer because, if there is one thing that will make a difference in the life of our church, it is prayer. It is not my leadership that will make the difference. … Continue reading

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3.3.13 – The Powerful Prayers of Weak People – Peter Cheyne

Read Luke 18:1-14 These two stories probably surprised Jesus’ audience, and maybe angered them. In one we have a widow in conflict with a judge. Is that a fair contest? Widows were amongst the most helpless people in the Bible. … Continue reading

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