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28.7.13 – Confrontations That Are Not Gentle – Peter Cheyne

I realise that you might have had enough of confrontation. My concern though is that often we avoid issues and when we do we stop talking to people or relationships break down. Jesus wants us to deal with issues in … Continue reading

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21.7.13 – How To Have A Really Good Confrontation – Peter Cheyne

Read Ephesians 4:15-5:2 Last week I avoided the word “confrontation” but this week I am going to use it to describe the conversations we would rather not have – the difficult conversations – the conversations where we confront another person. … Continue reading

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14.7.31 – Beyond Nice To Loving – Peter Cheyne

Reading: Matthew 16:13-28 Are there conversations you don’t want to have? Many years ago, there was an advertisement that said, “Even your best friends won’t tell you.” It was about bad breath or B.O. or something. Here’s the question: Shouldn’t … Continue reading

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23.6.13 – Community Worth Striving For – Peter Cheyne

There was  story in the news recently about a coroner recommending that rest home contact their residents who are in independent flats weekly because one such resident had died and not been discovered for, I forget how long but it … Continue reading

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