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27.10.13 – God’s Presence, Through Christ, In Daily Life – Rachel Judge

Sermon, Mornington Presbyterian Church, 27th October,         Rev. Rachel Judge Let’s offer to God now in prayer, this time of openness to Him. Let’s pray…Gracious God, giver of all good gifts, as we acknowledge your sovereignty over our lives, and our … Continue reading

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20.10.13 – Who Rules? – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 2. This is a stunning psalm for the picture it gives of God. But do we like what we see of God here or would we rather have a different god? If I was to ask, “What do … Continue reading

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13.10.13 – Shaped By God’s Word – Peter Cheyne

I really like Psalm 1. It is one of my favourites. Anyone else? Let’s dive right into the middle of the psalm. There are two types of people. The psalm uses two images to describe them. Those images are like … Continue reading

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