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22.6.14 – When Relationships Go Bad – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus talked about radical righteousness and then gave six everyday examples. Today’s is anger. Anger is everywhere. Think of the far-too-many incidents of domestic violence, or road rage, or people killing, or hiring someone to kill, a … Continue reading

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15.6.14 – Radical Righteousness Required – Peter Cheyne

I think many Christians would be shocked by Jesus’ teaching about righteousness. Most Christians believe they just need to trust Jesus and really not much else. Sure they should avoid the really big sins but everyday sins are inevitable. Sinning … Continue reading

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1.6.14 – The Benefits Of Maturity – Peter Cheyne

(This sermons was preached at Mangatangi.) Read 2 Peter 1:3-11 If you were rate your spiritual maturity as a percentage where 0% means a brand new baby Christian who hasn’t grown at all and 100% represents Christ-likeness, how would you … Continue reading

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25.5.14 – What Use Is The Old Testament? – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:17-20 I preached on this passage on 8 December 2013 so I thought that today we would just have a test! Actually, I looked back on that sermon and I don’t think I got it right. When I … Continue reading

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