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19.4.15 – How Do People Enter The Kingdom? – Peter Cheyne

We have been looking at the beginnings of the disciples’ relationship with Jesus. Jesus has invited them to “Come and see” and they have seen some extraordinary things even in this very initial phase. As a result they began to … Continue reading

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12.4.15 – First Steps To Experiencing God – Peter Cheyne

Because we have had  a quite a break since starting this theme, this sermon was a review of the previous two i.e. on part of John 1 and then John 2. The main points were: Our purpose is to experience … Continue reading

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5.4.15 – Resurrection is The Point – Peter Cheyne

Read John 20:1-18; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has issued an Easter message in which he says he wants to be clear about his belief in the importance of Christianity. In part, he said, “I am an … Continue reading

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