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20.9.15 – Faith: the Key To Experiencing God – Peter Cheyne

Read Luke 7:1-10 What is the main point of that story? Jesus’ concluding words tell us. It is about faith. Even Jesus was amazed at this demonstration of faith. “Wow! I didn’t see that coming! I have not found such … Continue reading

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6.9.15 – Living In The Kingdom Of God – Peter Cheyne

We spent most of last year looking at the Sermon on the Mount. Today we are going to do it again in a few minutes. We are going to set a new land speed record. And actually, although the words … Continue reading

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30.8.15 – Be With Me – Peter Cheyne

Read Mark 3:7-19 Huge crowds followed Jesus. That is the emphasis in vv.7-12: large crowd, many people, needing to use a boat to avoid getting crowded; the sick pushing forward to touch Him. People coming from all of the region. … Continue reading

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