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26.6.16 – Grow Youth Faith: Know God Better – Peter Cheyne

Imagine a situation that you would find terrifying? For example, for me, it might be being lost, swimming in a rough sea at night, struggling to stay afloat, going under for long periods, gulping down salt water, and not knowing … Continue reading

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24.4.16 – Knowing Christ’s Presence – The Transfiguration – Rachel Judge

Luke 9: 28 – 36 & Exodus 24: 12 – 18   We’ve journeyed now for three months with some characters that Luke has introduced us to, with great compassion. We’ve met the poor, in the widow who had to … Continue reading

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17.4.16 – The Prayerful Attitude – Rachel Judge

Gracious God, we want what you desire for us. We long to pray in the ways you ask us to pray. We yearn to be the people you made us to be. Still our hearts now so that we can … Continue reading

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5.6.16 – When Faith Means Just Holding On – Peter Cheyne

Matthew 26:36-46 The stories we have looked at have all had triumphant endings. David slew Goliath, Elijah was victorious over the prophets of Baal; 3000 were converted on Pentecost; 10,000 people (maybe) was fed miraculously. It was miracle after miracle … Continue reading

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