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26.11.17 – If I Prayed, Am I Saved? – Peter Cheyne

If I have prayed, inviting Jesus into my life, I am a Christian. I don’t have to do anything else. When I put that on the wall two weeks ago, it got a heap of yellow spots meaning that it … Continue reading

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12.11.17 – Sola-Powered: Is Another Reformation Required? – Peter Cheyne

This was part of a less formal, interactive service. It might not make complete sense. I will add the results of people’s voting later in case it is of interest. Five or six years ago I was in a discussion … Continue reading

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5.11.17 – Sola Powered: Reformation Principles – Peter Cheyne

What would you think of a society that, every year, expressed its joy at the defeat of one of its enemies by making effigies of that person and then watching him burn? Everybody rejoicing in his destruction. Guy Fawkes has … Continue reading

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