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12.11.17 – Sola-Powered: Is Another Reformation Required? – Peter Cheyne

This was part of a less formal, interactive service. It might not make complete sense. I will add the results of people’s voting later in case it is of interest. Five or six years ago I was in a discussion … Continue reading

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5.11.17 – Sola Powered: Reformation Principles – Peter Cheyne

What would you think of a society that, every year, expressed its joy at the defeat of one of its enemies by making effigies of that person and then watching him burn? Everybody rejoicing in his destruction. Guy Fawkes has … Continue reading

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29.10.17 – Captive To The Word Of God – Peter Cheyne

We perhaps don’t immediately realise the courage that Martin Luther showed. He never intended to start a revolution but rather to start a discussion for change within the church of the day. However, his ideas resonated with people and spread … Continue reading

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24.9.17 – Trusting In Chariots – Peter Cheyne

Yesterday two very significant things happened: New Zealand had a general election and the world ended. Many people put material online predicting the end of the world on September 23. If you have been reading the emailed newsletters, you will … Continue reading

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27.8.17 – Lifestyle Does Matter – Peter Cheyne

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:6-18 This passage might be quite troubling for some people so I want to see if we can understand it. The Aaron Smith saga is pretty sordid. It is shameful to even talk about such things but … Continue reading

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20.8.17 – The Early Church As Family – Paul Trebilco

Readings: Mark 3:31-35: Mark 10:28-30 Imagine as a congregation that you had no buildings. Its not that something had happened to your buildings and so you have to make some arrangements while you build a replacement. No, its just that … Continue reading

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9.7.17 – How Will They Know? – Mary Somerville

A few times in my life I have aspired to be a singer.  I even once paid for a voice coach.  I went to my lessons, listened to the tips the coach gave me… (Minnie Minnie…) and did the hard … Continue reading

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