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8.12.13 – Why Did Jesus Come? To Fulfil The Law – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:18-25 As we approach Christmas, we are asking: Why did Jesus come? In a number of places the scriptures tell us explicitly that Jesus came for such-and-such a reason. Today’s statement comes from the Sermon on the Mount. … Continue reading

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17.11.13 – God Blesses. God Hates – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 5 using 2 voices. Voice 1 read verse 1-3, 7-8 and 11-12. Voice 2 read verses 4-6, and 9-10. Did that sound a little like a good cop/bad cop routine? This psalm switches backwards and forwards between two … Continue reading

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20.10.13 – Who Rules? – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 2. This is a stunning psalm for the picture it gives of God. But do we like what we see of God here or would we rather have a different god? If I was to ask, “What do … Continue reading

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