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8.12.13 – Why Did Jesus Come? To Fulfil The Law – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:18-25 As we approach Christmas, we are asking: Why did Jesus come? In a number of places the scriptures tell us explicitly that Jesus came for such-and-such a reason. Today’s statement comes from the Sermon on the Mount. … Continue reading

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The Crucifixion Psalm

In the last few evening services we have thought about how Jesus turns up in the Old Testament. In other words, the scriptures written hundreds and thousands of years before Jesus nevertheless are about Jesus. There are all sorts of … Continue reading

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2.12.12 – Birth Prophecies – Peter Cheyne

Road to Emmaus (Lk 24) After the resurrection, two dispirited disciples trudging along ruminating on the fact that they had hoped he was the one who would redeem Israel but he had been killed. What’s more some women were saying … Continue reading

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4.11.12 – A Father Sacrifices His Only Son – Peter Cheyne

When some of the New Testament writers wanted an example of faith from the Old Testament, who did they look to? There are many people listed in Heb 11 – many people who have trusted God But the standout is … Continue reading

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