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24.11.13 – God Give Us Glory? Really? – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 8 There is something very, very surprising about this psalm. Some hymns express a sense of wonder at God’s goodness and almost that it is too good to be true. They say, “I can barely believe it.” Amazing … Continue reading

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17.11.13 – God Blesses. God Hates – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 5 using 2 voices. Voice 1 read verse 1-3, 7-8 and 11-12. Voice 2 read verses 4-6, and 9-10. Did that sound a little like a good cop/bad cop routine? This psalm switches backwards and forwards between two … Continue reading

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10.11.13 – Every Christian’s Life – Peter Cheyne

On Tuesday night, Hannah, John and I went to Invercargill to hear Rasik Ranchord, a pastor from Wellington, speak about disciple-making. While introducing his talk, he mentioned that he had been on the Wahine on the day that it sank. … Continue reading

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3.11.13 – No Worries – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 3 The heading of this psalm says that it was written by David when he fled from his son, Absalom. In other words, this psalm was written in the midst of terrible circumstances. There was a rift in … Continue reading

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20.10.13 – Who Rules? – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 2. This is a stunning psalm for the picture it gives of God. But do we like what we see of God here or would we rather have a different god? If I was to ask, “What do … Continue reading

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13.10.13 – Shaped By God’s Word – Peter Cheyne

I really like Psalm 1. It is one of my favourites. Anyone else? Let’s dive right into the middle of the psalm. There are two types of people. The psalm uses two images to describe them. Those images are like … Continue reading

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