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16.10.16 – Done, Not Do – Peter Cheyne

  Virtually every religion in the world focuses on good works that are required for people to gain salvation (however, salvation is defined in that religion.) I have been to Buddhist temples in Myanmar and Thailand and seen crowds of … Continue reading

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9.10.16 – What Is The Gospel? – Peter Cheyne

This sermon refers to a diagram. You can find a pdf copy of that diagram here. What is the gospel? A wee while ago I got an email that said, “Promote the core message of our gospel”. What do you … Continue reading

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31.1.16 – A Man, A Mission and Many Meals – Peter Cheyne

We are going to go on a culinary tour today because Luke likes his food. After today, for the rest of this term, Rachel will be preaching in both services and her theme will be prayer, using Luke’s gospel. Last … Continue reading

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29.3.13 – Good Friday Meditation – Peter Cheyne

The following was used after worship in the other three Mornington churches that had been based around readings from Matthew 27 (vv.1-2, 11-26; vv.27-44; vv.45-56.) The final reading, preceding this meditation was Matthew 27:57-65. After all the events of this … Continue reading

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