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3.7.16 – Faith Is Contagious – Peter Cheyne

READ Acts 8:26-40. You might remember that after Jesus and Peter, James and John had been up the Mount of Transfiguration, they came down to a kerfuffle. A father had brought his son to the disciples asking that they might … Continue reading

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31.1.16 – A Man, A Mission and Many Meals – Peter Cheyne

We are going to go on a culinary tour today because Luke likes his food. After today, for the rest of this term, Rachel will be preaching in both services and her theme will be prayer, using Luke’s gospel. Last … Continue reading

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12.7.15 – Re-Called – Peter Cheyne

Read Luke 5:1-11 These fishermen have already been called once. We were told that they left everything and followed Jesus. Now they are being called again, and again they leave everything and follow Him. What is going on here? Is … Continue reading

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3.5.15 – Where is God At Work? – Peter Cheyne

Who was Jesus’ first convert? I suggest true faith involves three components. Who was the first to respond like that? Cognition I know this Head Conviction I believe this Heart Commitment I will live this Hands The disciples? Andrew, Peter … Continue reading

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13.4.14 – Four Responses To Jesus – Peter Cheyne

Read Luke 19:28-44 Just a few verses earlier in Luke 19, Jesus had stated what His mission was. Luke 19 starts with the story of Zacchaeus. Having spent time with Zacchaeus and having seen Zacchaeus repent and declare that he … Continue reading

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29.12.13 – The Gospel For The Person Who Has Everything – Peter Cheyne

Read John 3:1-21 One of the classic questions, when buying presents, is: What do you get for the person who has everything? I think Christians face a similar question when it comes to evangelism: How do you share the good … Continue reading

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10.11.13 – Every Christian’s Life – Peter Cheyne

On Tuesday night, Hannah, John and I went to Invercargill to hear Rasik Ranchord, a pastor from Wellington, speak about disciple-making. While introducing his talk, he mentioned that he had been on the Wahine on the day that it sank. … Continue reading

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