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22.7.18 – Praying For Reconciliation – Peter Cheyne

I think the Bible is absolutely amazing! The more we study it, the more we see how perfectly God has inspired it. We can see that in the Lord’s Prayer. And I think Jesus is absolutely amazing! His wisdom blew … Continue reading

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18.12.16 – Christmas Is About Sin (Forgiven) – Peter Cheyne

Do people still send Christmas cards? Well, let’s just reminisce. Imagine a line-up of Christmas cards on the mantelpiece. How many of them have the word “sin” quite prominently on the front? Or, imagine the newsletters you receive. How many … Continue reading

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Reality Check

When Rick returned to work after the Christmas break, he was surprised to see Seth’s desk empty. Even the computer had gone. Seth hadn’t said anything about leaving! Surely he would have told Rick. They were reasonable friends and had … Continue reading

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24.5.15 – Pentecost’s Purpose And Power – Peter Cheyne

READ Acts 2:1-14, 36-41 Pentecost was an incredible day. It began with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the sound of a violent wind – terrific noise, inside the house – and with fire burning on people’s heads and … Continue reading

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23.3.14 – Delighting In Kindness – Peter Cheyne

Did you notice that last Thursday was World Happiness Day? I noticed that on TV they didn’t promote Jesus’ statements about happiness. Jesus made 8 statements (called the Beatitudes) about the people God blesses and we are up to number … Continue reading

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8.12.13 – Why Did Jesus Come? To Fulfil The Law – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:18-25 As we approach Christmas, we are asking: Why did Jesus come? In a number of places the scriptures tell us explicitly that Jesus came for such-and-such a reason. Today’s statement comes from the Sermon on the Mount. … Continue reading

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17.11.13 – God Blesses. God Hates – Peter Cheyne

Read Psalm 5 using 2 voices. Voice 1 read verse 1-3, 7-8 and 11-12. Voice 2 read verses 4-6, and 9-10. Did that sound a little like a good cop/bad cop routine? This psalm switches backwards and forwards between two … Continue reading

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