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18.2.18 – A Body Given Gifts By God – Peter Cheyne

We have been looking at the church being described as a body. Last week we focused on unity, on the fact that there is one body. The first part of our reading today is a repeat from last week and … Continue reading

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10.7.16 – Take One Step. Then Another – Peter Cheyne

READ Mark 5:24b-34. Question: How big was that woman’s faith? After all that she had been through, and the failure of God to heal her for 12 years, she might have been quite cynical. And yet, when she heard about … Continue reading

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3.7.16 – Faith Is Contagious – Peter Cheyne

READ Acts 8:26-40. You might remember that after Jesus and Peter, James and John had been up the Mount of Transfiguration, they came down to a kerfuffle. A father had brought his son to the disciples asking that they might … Continue reading

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28.6.15 – I Will Make You… – Peter Cheyne

The people who followed Jesus, experienced more and more of God as time went on. Think about the journey of the apostles. They started as average Jews – most of them tradespeople so not high schooled in the ways of … Continue reading

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29.6.14 – Make Every Effort To… What? – Peter Cheyne

(N.B. this sermon was preached at First Church, Papakura, not at Mornington. It is a reworking of the sermons preached on 1 June.) Read 2 Peter 1:3-11. Twice in that passage, Peter says, “make every effort”. That should get our … Continue reading

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1.6.14 – The Benefits Of Maturity – Peter Cheyne

(This sermons was preached at Mangatangi.) Read 2 Peter 1:3-11 If you were rate your spiritual maturity as a percentage where 0% means a brand new baby Christian who hasn’t grown at all and 100% represents Christ-likeness, how would you … Continue reading

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