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2.7.17 – It’s The Doers Who Are Blessed – Peter Cheyne

Read James 1:19-26 One morning Jeremiah got up and read his Bible, as he did, indeed, every morning. James 1:19-21     My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow … Continue reading

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27.11.16 – How Gospel People Live – Peter Cheyne

Read Romans 5:1-11 It is possible that we are just like the Pharisees and Sadducees who came to John the Baptist – although one hopes not. Last week we saw that many Pharisees and Sadducees believed in the need to … Continue reading

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10.7.16 – Take One Step. Then Another – Peter Cheyne

READ Mark 5:24b-34. Question: How big was that woman’s faith? After all that she had been through, and the failure of God to heal her for 12 years, she might have been quite cynical. And yet, when she heard about … Continue reading

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22.5.16 – How To Know You have Faith – Peter Cheyne

Read Genesis 22:1-19 Today we are going to play a game called “What’s The Point?” I am going to tell you a number of stories that have something in common. You have to figure out what that common theme is. … Continue reading

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8.5.16 – It’s Not The Size Of My Faith, But The Size Of My God – Peter Cheyne

In 1998 R. Kelly released the song I Believe I Can Fly. Can he? People, sometime under the influence of drugs, have killed themselves jumping from buildings and bridges, believing they could fly. Motivational speakers will tell people that they … Continue reading

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6.9.15 – Living In The Kingdom Of God – Peter Cheyne

We spent most of last year looking at the Sermon on the Mount. Today we are going to do it again in a few minutes. We are going to set a new land speed record. And actually, although the words … Continue reading

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7.12.14 – Joseph – Peter Cheyne

Right at the heart of the Christmas story is a character we know very little about – Joseph. He is something of a shadowy figure. He is there but almost invisible. He is silent. Joseph never speaks in the scriptures. … Continue reading

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