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12.2.17 – What Is It Like To Be Reconciled? – Rachel Judge

Bible readings: 2 Corinthians 5: 14 – 21 God of power and glory, We weaklings cry out to be made strong in your name. Release us we pray from all that would hold us back from following you more closely. … Continue reading

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13.7.14 – God’s View Of Marriage – Peter Cheyne

This is a very difficult subject. For one thing it is controversial. For another, there can be a huge amount of emotion and pain bound up in it. There are few things more painful and more damaging than the break-up … Continue reading

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22.6.14 – When Relationships Go Bad – Peter Cheyne

Read Matthew 5:21-26 Jesus talked about radical righteousness and then gave six everyday examples. Today’s is anger. Anger is everywhere. Think of the far-too-many incidents of domestic violence, or road rage, or people killing, or hiring someone to kill, a … Continue reading

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4.5.14 – Blessed Are The Peacemakers – Peter Cheyne

One of the biggest objections people have to Christianity is Christians. We don’t have a very good reputation. Some people say they like Jesus or they admire Jesus but they can’t stand His followers. Christians are commonly thought of as … Continue reading

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25.12.13 – Annus Mirabilis – Peter Cheyne

An “annus horribilis” he believed it was called. He hadn’t known the phrase before the Queen had used it to describe her horrible year. He didn’t care much for Greek or Latin or whatever it was but it came to … Continue reading

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4.8.13 – Meeting People – Peter Cheyne

For a wee while I have been talking about relationships. I have talked about the quality of our relationships within the church when we considered the community that we see in the early church in the book of Acts. We … Continue reading

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21.7.13 – How To Have A Really Good Confrontation – Peter Cheyne

Read Ephesians 4:15-5:2 Last week I avoided the word “confrontation” but this week I am going to use it to describe the conversations we would rather not have – the difficult conversations – the conversations where we confront another person. … Continue reading

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