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30.7.17 – Love The Truth – Peter Cheyne

2 Thessalonians 2 What is the main issue in this chapter? Jesus’ Second Coming is pretty exciting. What will happen at the end of the world? Who is this “man of lawlessness” who does signs and wonders and deceives people … Continue reading

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21.5.17 – The Feast We Are Not Eating – Peter Cheyne

Think of someone for whom you have the greatest admiration – someone it would be a privilege to meet and who words and insights you would trust. If you actually are, that is fine. Are you thinking of someone whose … Continue reading

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27.7.14 – My Word Is My Bond – Peter Cheyne

I remember reading an article once that said that society simply could not operate without lying. The way we live depends on lying. Society simply couldn’t function if we always told the truth. One blogger says that she simply cannot … Continue reading

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1.9.13 – Readied To Meet Jesus – Peter Cheyne

We have been looking at this story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman for a wee while. My desire is that we learn from Jesus about conversation, relationships, evangelism. Let’s review their conversation so far. Jesus asked for a drink … Continue reading

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5.5.13 – Prayer’ A Battle We Can Win – Peter Cheyne

Read Ephesians 6:10-20 I want to finish our look at prayer today although a little reluctantly. There is so much more we could learn. I hope that some of you will continue to make prayer an area of growth and … Continue reading

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